Where it hangs, sits and decorates is important to the tale. Ultimately each artwork is harmonious and in itself belongs to the fate of the owner and their environment…The flow continuing with the interweaving of our stories.

A commission work is an opportunity to have a unique piece of art customized to your home.
I love the approach of producing bespoke art because it gives me the opportunity to know my client in some level and allow me to provide the right pice of art that match his need, I love the direct interaction, a flexible and collaborative engagement to create the right pice of art for the one specific corner in his home, so the painting need to transmit the right energy and fit in the space considering elements in the room, size, lightening, colors, all of this bland with the wish of the client
The result, when achieved, is a synergy between the artwork that enhances and contrasts the best of the surrounding and the energy in the space

You can get inspiration from the artwork in collections
we will discuss approach include the framing with are most of the time made from local Ibiza’s wood or metal provided from carpenter artist all of them prepared with the finishes for easy hanging

There is no size limit to the art work as all of the paintings are custom made and stretched on a wooden frame using high quality cotton canvas or Raffia
An initial discussion is held to outline the scope of work (size, style, framing, colour scheme), the details of which will be used to formulate a quote.
Art work can be shipped worldwide (UPS/DHL) and is securely packed, guaranteeing it is delivered safely to your door with peace of mind.

A non-refundable deposit of 50% will be taken to secure your art work. After the commission is complete, the remaining 50% is requested upon dispatch.