Everything is Art”

Art It’s the invisible line in between every thing I do in my life, the way I move about my day… I’m living my Art, I’m dancing my Art, I am cooking Art.
Why do I paint? I give form to feelings. Each piece a story thread of my life and the lives of others who touch me, our inner worlds made visible. Art gives me a yes when I’ve paid a No to all else, for me art is the currency of freedom”

Art has been and continues to be the wind that powers the sails of Annalisa Rinaldi’s journey through life. It is absolutely the force she moves with. Creating is her passion, her being and her constant, unhindered by time, all One of the same. This she translates in ‘live pieces’ where the painting is danced into being. The body and its movement become an instrument conducting the beauty she creates on the canvas. From contact improvisation, Butoh, physical theatre, and from Pollokt and the Impressionist painters, she is inspired to work with truth in the moment. Her intention is showing reality in its perfect imperfection

The interweaving of dancing and painting is inspired from different cultures, but particularly a fusion of two parental cultures leading her expression: the Japanese and African. This combination, which bleeds into her whole life, gives a unique and memorable style to her work, which is undoubtedly a style that has a special ‘aliveness’ to it, each piece could almost be breathing. In some ways it is. The inhale of inspiration, and the exhale of manifestation, to create the living strokes; Naked and real, forged by the alchemy of Truth Annalisa keeps alight within her practice.

Annalisa absorbs the direct and explicit lines of Japanese art, providing a raw strength that allows honesty and certainty; which is how she strives to be as a person, the expression of integrity of mind to mouth to movement. In this she draws from the masculine force of straight lines; the swords of truth and the martial arts.  Giving confidence in loneliness and expansion, the swords become her brushes and the art becomes the movement of the warrior, echoing the grace and precision of the Japanese influence. She emulates the slow ritual of the tea ceremonies and the flow of feng shui allowing the embodiment of spirit within action.

Moving through African yellows, like the ground of the mother continent, Annalisa combines the feminine aspect and the abundance heart Africa inspires in her, working outdoors  including and evoking all the elements.
The sun, which is the bringer of color, is a constant force as she draws from the African culture a boldness, a warming joy and a softness. Smiling, shining tones of the soil are weaved together to work on raffia; a medium Annalisa uses, creating more individual style. With raffia as her canvas she strives to incorporate the symbolism of fascias, connective tissues and skin. The sun dries each piece in an organic and unique way of using the weather to complete her pieces. The heat of the sun and the red rain from the desert passing by Ibiza on the wind brings another story.

Her art is bought about by, and inspires courage in sharing one’s own vulnerability that is strength rather than weakness. She has learnt that art is an on-going story without the need to define, to have limits or have a beginning or an end. It is infused with the tears of the heart, which are flowing in all she creates. It is the human endeavor to be with one’s own sadness and experience joy, she endeavors to reflect this in her creations.

Annalisa’s artwork is seeking of balance and of functionality. Each piece can be useful, she likes to make art in a headboard, a lampshade or a book case, bringing elements of design and lifestyle into her work, enriching the story of each piece even more. Where it hangs, sits and decorates is important to the tale. Ultimately each artwork is harmonious and in itself belongs to the fate of the owner and their environment…The flow continuing with the interweaving of our stories.

Nada es causal.
No thing is meaningless.
Everything is connected