“Everything is Art”

Annalisa is an Italian contemporary artist based in Ibiza known for her oriental style of working. Her work is the result of many years of multidisciplinary study and practice, education in art, and oriental philosophy. Her artwork translates all of this into her ‘way of art’.

Lichigraphy absorbs the direct and explicit lines of Japanese art, providing a raw strength that allows honesty and certainty; which is how she strives to be as a person, the expression of integrity of mind to mouth to movement, echoing the grace of the oriental influence.

Art its the invisible line in between every thing I do the way I move about my day. It is an absolute force I am part of. The seeking of balance and of functionality enriches the story of the work even more as a minimalist every thing serve a purpose make room for emptiness give me freedom and endless ideas

Annalisa Rinaldi

tel: +34 654 184 744

No thing is meaningless.
Everything is connected

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